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A few of our flagship customers...
<TD align=center><a href="http://www.brookfieldproperties.com/" target="_blank" title="Brookfield Properties is one of North America's largest commercial real estate companies"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-brookfield.jpg" border="0"></a></TD>
<TD align=center><a href="http://www.cbs.com/" target="_blank" title="CBS, the well-known television company, uses OnCite™ to manage their Manhattan broadcast centers"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-cbs.jpg" border="0"></a></TD>

<TD align=center><a href="http://www.hokansoninc.com/" target="_blank" title="Hokanson Companies, Inc. provides corporate and investment real estate services which are tailored to fit the individual needs of their clients"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-hokanson.jpg" border="0"></a></TD>
<TD align=center><a href="http://www.musco.com/" target="_blank" title="Whatever your sports or event lighting need, Musco Lighting has the solution"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-musco.jpg" border="0"></a></TD>
<TD align=center><a href="http://www.bissellcompanies.com/" target="_blank" title="The Bissell Companies has developed over 11 million square feet, but is best known for two in the Charlotte NC area: SouthPark and Ballantyne Corporate Park"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-bissell.jpg" border="0"></a></TD>


<TD align=center><a href="http://www.baycare.org/" target="_blank" title="BayCare is a community-based network of hospitals in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas of Florida"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-baycare.gif" border="0"></a></TD>

<TD align=center><a href="http://www.taskforcellc.com/" target="_blank" title="Task Force LLC's mission is to see the restoration of the New Orleans community through vision, persistence, and continuous innovation"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-taskforce.gif" border="0"></a></TD>
<TD align=center><a href="http://www.bbt.com/" target="_blank" title="Find personal and business banking services at BB&T, including financial planning, investment advisers, and retirement planning"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-bbt.gif" border="0"></a></TD>
<TD align=center><a href="http://www.etmc.org/" target="_blank" title="East Texas Medical Center is a system of 15 hospitals and 6,000 employees serving the medical needs of hundreds of thousands"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-etmc.gif" border="0"></a></TD>

<TD align=center><a href="http://www.anchorcommercial.net/" target="_blank" title="Anchor Commercial is the Charleston, SC market's premier provider of comprehensive commercial real estate solutions"><img src="/dfsWebsite.nsf/logo-anchor.jpg" border="0"></a></TD>