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<DIV style="font-family:sans-serif;font-size:10pt;font-weight:normal">At Deep Forest Systems, we believe that the services that accompany any new software package are critical to a successful implementation and user adoption of the new solution. A brand new solution with no (or very limited) services is like a brand new surfboard without the cute trainer! Below are some of the services we provide to our customers:

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<a href="#q1" >Requirements Gathering</a>
<br><a href="#q2" >System Customization</a>
<br><a href="#q3" >System Implementation & Project Management</a>
<br><a href="#q4" >Data Conversion</a>
<br><a href="#q5" >Training</a>
<br><a href="#q6" >Security Access Setup & Management</a>
<br><a href="#q7" >Ongoing Support</a>
<br><a href="#q8" >Account Management</a>
<strong>Details About Services</strong>
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<a name="q1"></a>
<strong>Requirements Gathering</strong>
<br>For Deep Forest customers, "requirements gathering" means we ask enough questions to allow us to visualize your business, your processes, your needs, your goals and then work hard to put ourselves squarely in your shoes so that we can fit your new system to meet your needs and vision.
<a name="q2"></a>
<p><strong>System Customization</strong>
<br>If you choose Deep Forest Systems to be your property management software provider, it will likely be because you need one place to go for all of your property management needs - not multiple disparate systems and spreadsheets. It will also likely be because your business processes aren't cookie cutter processes that fit an out of the box software solution. You may have complicated financial reports you need to create for your owners. You may have unique processes around leasing or budgeting and forecasting. If so, Deep Forest will customize your system to support your business. With us, you come to "Find <b>your</b> way."</p>
<a name="q3"></a>
<p><strong>System Implementation & Project Management</strong>
<br>From installing your new system on our servers, to setting up the specific security access you need for each server and all the way through the process of helping you to go live with your new system, your designated project management team will manage your project (beginning with creating and providing to you an Implementation Plan with proposed schedule) and then work closely with you to insure a successful implementation.</p>
<a name="q4"></a>
<p><strong>Data Conversion</strong>
<br>Yes, we help you get your data into the new system. We can typically import your data from spreadsheets or other systems and you decide how much history and what specific data you want us to import. Having all of your data in a new system and organized in easy-to-follow views and reports typically means you discover some cleanup that is needed to bring your data up to date. We help with that too and support you throughout the process of getting good clean meaningful data on which you can begin to build using your new system.</p>
<a name="q5"></a>
<br>Your training will likely be a combination of web-based and in person training, depending upon your needs. It will primarily be one-on-one so that we can focus the training on the needs of each individual user based on their role and specific business processes. Typically each user needs about two hours of training but as with all of our systems and services, we match them to your needs.</p>
<a name="q6"></a>
<p><strong>Security Access Setup & Management</strong>
<br>Security can be user-type specific or even user-specific, meaning we can tailor it for each functional role in your organization, even if some functional roles are specific to a single user. We then manage your user security, add new users for you as needed, delete users as needed, adjust access settings, etc.</p>
<a name="q7"></a>
<p><strong>Ongoing Support</strong>
<br>At Deep Forest, we don't hand you a system and then walk away. We become your backup team supporting your system needs throughout the life of our relationship with you. You'll have access to a Client Portal, comprehensive guides and a designated Account Support Manager whom you can call or email anytime you need help.</p>
<a name="q8"></a>
<p><strong>Account Management</strong>
<br>Your designated Account Manager is just one more person at Deep Forest who is dedicated to insuring your happiness. Your Account Manager will request to meet with you and your team monthly or quarterly to share ideas for getting the most out of your new system, entertaining questions, etc. And you can call your Account Manager anytime you need anything.</p>