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Property Management Software | Deep Forest Systems
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Custom Property Management Software for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate. The OnCite™ software solution is for property owners and managers.
<TABLE width=100% cellpadding=10><TR><TD><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:#336633">OnCite™ Property Management Software</font>
<DIV style="font-family:sans-serif;font-size:10pt;font-weight:normal">
<P>We believe that people want to be proactive, responsive and make a difference – they simply need the right tools. Since 1994, Deep Forest has been providing customized software to property managers and owners to automate their unique business processes. Our clients require highly specific financial reports and generally don’t fit the typical property management box. Our clients need to access real-time and historic information in one centralized place using any computer, phone or gadget. </p>

<ul><li>Our customers often tell us that they want <b>one place</b> to go to get <b>real-time</b> and <b>historical information</b> for properties, work order status and tenants. <BR><BR>
<li>Their unique business needs require <b>custom functionality</b> either now or in the future. <BR><BR>
<li>Owners typically want <b>custom financial reports</b> that reflect property performance and profitability. <BR><BR>
<li>Our customers want to <b>differentiate their service offering</b> and satisfy their owners, tenants, employees and contractors. <BR><BR>
<li>And they want a system that's integrated with current new gadgets like <b>iPads / iPhones and Android devices</b> for quick access to contact information and issue resolution.

<p><B>Deep Forest Systems</B> delivers powerful, targeted, custom-fit <B>Property Management Software as a Service</B>. Our state-of-the-art, web-based systems serve <B>Corporate Real Estate, Commercial Fee and Owner Management, Family Owned Development and Property Management, Hospitals, Community Restoration, Utilities and Banking & Finance clients</B>. Our clients manage real estate for <B>office, medical, retail, mixed-use, resort, hotel and industrial applications</B>, as well as <B>specialty uses</B>, such as <B>broadcast centers, manufacturing facilities & distressed properties.</B></p>

<p>Our property management system, <B>OnCite™</B>, offers powerful tools such as:</p>

<SPAN style="position:relative;top:0">
<TABLE style="font-size:12">
<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Work Order Management" Target="product" title="Manage Tenant Requests using a streamlined process including wireless deployment">Work Order Management</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Budgets" Target="product" title="Stop sending spreadsheets back and forth! Use a central management tool to create, submit, and approve budgets!">Budget Management</A> </TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Portal" Target="product" title="Tenants (or Clients) can enter and review Service Requests at any time">Tenant Portal / Client Portal</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Supplier Management" Target="product" title="Manage Inventory and Supplier Contacts">Inventory Management</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Accounting" Target="product" title="Automate billing of Work Order labor and parts, so billable income never falls through the cracks.">Property Accounting</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Document Management" Target="product" title="Never lose important documents again">Document Management</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Lease & Client Management" Target="product" title="Lease Activity dates are no longer missed using the OnCite&#8482's tickler system">Lease Administration</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Online Surveys" Target="product" title="Automate the survey process including Tenant/Client Satisfaction surveys and Work Order follow-up's. Build Action Items based upon the results! ">Online Surveys</TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Contact Management" Target="product" title="Integrate Client information with Accounting, Contacts and more">Customer Relationship Management</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Mobile Solutions" Target="product" title="Go Wireless with the OnCite™ Mobile Application for Android or iPhone!">Mobile Solutions</TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Asset Management" Target="product" title="Use dashboards to mass schedule maintenance work orders">Preventive Maintenance</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Reporting" Target="product" title="Choose from over 140 standard reports or build your own using the ad-hoc wizard.">Reporting / Strategic Decision Making</TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Asset Management" Target="product" title="Manage all of your assets, and their maintenance schedules">Asset Management</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Work Order Management" Target="product" title="Keep up with billable hours to improve your bottom line">Employee Time Tracking</A></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Inspections Management" Target="product" title="No more double entry! Use the wireless system to perform the inspection as you walk through the facility.">Inspections Management</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Work Order Management" Target="product" title="Reminders keep you on track">Task Management</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Project Management" Target="product" title="Manage capital projects and construction projects, step-by-step from conception to completion.">Project Management</TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Work Order Management" Target="product" title="Reserve assets and track who has what">Reservations Management</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Contact Management" Target="product" title="See contacts for current tenants, potential tenants, suppliers and more in one place. Streamline your notification processes!">Contact Management</TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Property Information Management" Target="product" title="Track details for each property and portfolio">Property Information Management</A></TD></TR>

<TR><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Lease & Client Management" Target="product" title="Never let a Certificate of Insurance expire using the OnCite&#8482's tickler system">Certificate of Insurance Management</A></TD><TD><A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&Supplier Management" Target="product" title="Manage Supplier Contacts and Contracts as well as dispatch Work Orders, Project Action Items and Bid Requests.">Supplier Management</A></TD></TR>
<TR><TD> and more!</TD></TR></TABLE>

<p>Deep Forest helps large and midsize private and commercial real estate property managers get integrated custom accounting and reports that typically replace manual operations and/or many disparate systems.</p>

<p>At some point, now or in the future, you will need custom functionality as your real estate portfolio grows. Are you in the box or out of the box? How do you differentiate YOUR service offering? At Deep Forest we believe that software should empower your unique business processes.</p>

<p>Some of the latest additions to our suite of property management software solutions include Real Estate-centric tools for <B>Contact Management</B>, including in-system tracking of email and text message threads, as well as a Tenant Letter Manager (for sending Late Notices, Status Notices, etc.). </p>

<p>Deep Forest solutions are different because they are <B>highly flexibile</B>, they deliver <B>unparalleled reporting</B> and they are accompanied by <B>amazing customer service</B>. Our solutions are also <B>modular</B> so that they can expand to fit your needs as you grow. If you know that you want to build a property management solution as unique as you are, and if you know that your needs will likely be very different in years two, three, four... then Deep Forest just might be the right fit for you.</p>

<b>OnCite&#8482</b> uniquely addresses both strategic and tactical real estate needs, and is the most comprehensive, flexible and collaborative property management software solution available today. Recent enhancements to the OnCite&#8482 solution include superior, comprehensive <B> Contact Management </B>functionality, <B>Energy Management & Environmental Tracking</B>, and much more! Deep Forest’s solutions include Requirements Gathering, Customization, Conversion, Integration, Testing, Training, Support, System Hosting, and more. <B> Call today for more information or <A HREF="/DFSWebsite.nsf/WebPage?OpenAgent&ContactUs" Target="_top">request a demo!</A></B> </SPAN>