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Hospitals | OnCite™
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<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER cellpadding=5 width=100%><TR><TD Valign=top class=bodytext width=60%><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:336633">OnCite&#8482 Markets - Hospitals</FONT><BR>

As someone tasked with managing a portfolio of hospitals and medical office buildings, are you currently dealing with:
<li>lack of visibility into your property data due to disparate systems and manual processes?
<li>concerns around staying legal (keeping track of legal documents, property issues that have been identified and need to be corrected, property policies, etc.)?
<li>no clean way to track leases from proposal through execution and ongoing lease management?
<li>not having quick access to key reports when you need them?
<li>complicated billing processes and splitting costs across properties?
<p>If so, request a demo to learn how Deep Forest has helped other commercial and fee managers and let's explore whether OnCite&#8482 could help your company.<BR><BR>