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<DIV ID="Feature1" style="display:;opacity:1.0;">
<B>OnCite Mobile</B>
<P>Go anywhere and stay connected to your
Tenants, your Work Orders, Projects, and Contacts!
Using a Smartphone such as a
<LI>Other </UL>
Access your system using a browser on the
device. Create work orders, search and locate
contact details, review key lease dates,
and much more.
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</DIV><DIV iD="Feature2" style="display:none;opacity:0.0;">
<B>Personalized Dashboards</B>
<P>Set your home screen to be EXACTLY what you
need. From this one screen, you can
<UL><LI>Create work orders, leases, projects, contacts, etc.
<LI>View your open work orders
<LI>View expiring leases
<LI>View vacant space
<LI> View past due invoices
<LI>and more!
<CENTER><!-- <IMG SRC="/DFSWebsite.nsf/HomeDashboard2.jpg" width=250 style="border:solid 1px black"> --></CENTER>

<DIV id="Feature3" style="display:none;filter:alpha(opacity=0);opacity:0.0;" width=100%>
<B>Global Calendar</B>
<P>Have all of your Property Management
dates in one place! Dates for Leases,
preventive maintenance work order
due dates, meetings,project dates,
and more in one consolidated calendar.
The drag-n-drop functionality makes it
simple to adjust a project schedule,
move a meeting time/date.
<P><CENTER><!-- <IMG SRC="/DFSWebsite.nsf/GlobalCalen.jpg" style="border:solid 1px black" width=250> -->

<DIV id="Feature4" style="display:none;filter:alpha(opacity=0);opacity:0.0;">
<B>Integrated Contact Management</B>
<P>Finally, manage all of your contacts in your
property management world in ONE place
yet tie them individually to the elements of your
<UL><LI>Tie tenants to their Lease Abstracts,
<LI>Tie suppliers to the assets they maintain for you
<LI>Tie owners to their properties,
<LI>Tie building engineers to the properties they
manage and/or specific services they deliver, etc.!
<LI> Send mass email notifications, track communications history,
send text messages,
<LI> Prompt tenants to update their contact information and keep everyone
in the loop – but not just as it relates to your
contacts – as it relates to the full business of
property management! </UL>

<DIV id="Feature5" style="display:none;filter:alpha(opacity=0);opacity:0.0;">
<B>Fully Integrated Accounting</B>
<P>Having a great accounting system is one thing.
Having a great accounting system that is fully
integrated with your property management
processes is something else entirely!
<UL><LI> Let lost revenue become a thing
of the past with built in work order line items
that automatically appear as charges in
the accounting module.
<LI>Missed rent escalations? Not anymore
as the escalations automatically feed the
right numbers to the accounting module
and there's nothing to remember.
<LI>Track one bill in association with multiple
Properties, Projects, and Tenants.
Request a demo to learn more!

<DIV ID="Feature6" style="display:none;filter:alpha(opacity=0);opacity:0.0;">
<B>Cross Browser Support</B><BR>
OnCite is now supported on:
<LI>Internet Explorer
<LI>Google Chrome

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