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Tenant Portal | OnCite™
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Tenant Portal, Client Portal, Tenant Retention, Service Requests, Work Orders
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The OnCite™ Tenant Portal gives your Tenants a tool to submit Service Requests online 24/7. Branded to match your website and custom-fit to meet your unique
<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER cellpadding=5 width=100%><TR><TD Valign=top class=bodytext width=60%><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:336633">OnCite&#8482 Tenant/Client Portal</FONT><BR>
The OnCite&#8482 Tenant Portal gives your Tenants a tool to <b>submit Service Requests online 24/7</b>. Branded to match your website and custom-fit to meet your unique needs, the OnCite&#8482 Tenant Portal can also give your tenants access to:
<li>general building information,
<li>contact information,
<li>emergency procedures,
<li>available furniture,
<li>what's for lunch in the cafeteria,
<li>forms they need to fill out,
<li>building maintenance schedules impacting them
<li>recyclying programs and other green initiatives
<li>rent payment status information
or other information you need to share with them.
<p>And when tenants submit their service requests online via the portal, they can track the status online as well. If you preset assignments (for example, if you have one person who should receive all lightbulb change requests for XYZ Property), those work orders will flow from the Tenant right to the Building Engineer with no manual steps.

<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=Headers style=""border-right:solid 1px black;border-left:solid 1px black"">Benefits</TD></TABLE> <UL><LI><B>Tenant Retention</B> - Did you know that most tenants don't know who to call about a light out or put off calling because it requires them to look up the number and talk to another person? Providing an easy to use web system where they can not only enter their requests but view all requests and their status improves their level of satisfaction. You cannot fix what you don't know about and tenants are more willing to spend 2 minutes filling out a form on the web than they are picking up the phone.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Expedite the Service Request Process</B> - Using OnCite&#8482, Tenant Service Requests can be submitted to a building engineer as soon as the Tenant clicks the "Submit" button. This automated dispatching streamlines the process which in turn gets the work done faster. The quicker the building engineer knows about the issue, the quicker it can be resolved. Your Tenants will notice an improvement in response time!<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Save thousands on your bottom line</B> - Do you have a staff member that does nothing but answer the phone and type up Service Requests from tenants? Imagine using that staff member for other purposes or cutting out a position completely? If only 50% of the service requests are entered through the portal - at 5 minutes a request, you are still saving hours upon hours of busy-work. Apply those hours at a employee hourly rate and you will see that you cannot afford not to use the OnCite&#8482 Tenant Portal.<BR><BR>

<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=HeaderSelect>Features</TD></TABLE><UL><LI><B>Service Request </B> – Tenants may enter and review Service Requests (Work Orders). Service Requests are automatically routed and integrate fully with the optional OnCite&#8482 Work Orders.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Building Calendar</B> – Tenants may view Activities scheduled for the Property. Building Management posts calendar information as needed such as Tenant Appreciation events, HVAC outages and more.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Bulletin Board </B>– Tenants may view special notices for the Property as posted by Building Management. This is especially helpful during bad weather conditions.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Property Information </B>– Tenants may view general information about their building including resources, management team contact information, and more. Building staff can update all of these details at any time through the Tenant Portal Administration Interface.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Contact Management </B>– Review and update Tenant Contact Information. Conduct periodic information audits using the Audit Manager.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Branding </B>– the Portal is branded to match the company website and is customized to the features wanted.<BR><BR>
</TD><TD VALIGN=top class=yellow><BR><CENTER><A HREF="javascript:doNothing()" onClick="window.open('/DFSWebSite.nsf/ShowPic?OpenAgent&TPViewReqLrg.jpg' , '_blank' , 'height=650,width=1000')";><IMG SRC="TPViewReq.jpg" style="border:solid 1px black" width=300></A><BR>
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