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<TABLE width=100% ><TR><TD width=65% VALIGN=TOP><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:336633">OnCite™ Property Management Software </FONT>

<p>Over 100 Real Estate professionals couldn’t be wrong OnCite™ Property Management Software by Deep Forest Systems is the most comprehensive corporate property management tool available. A web-based solution, OnCite Property Management is unique due to the way it addresses the issuses facing corporate real estate managements, building engineers, property managers, financial managers and project managers. Whether you are a large or small real estate firm, OnCite Property Management Software addresses the needs of individuals, teams and corporate divisions.

<P>Utilizing OnCite Property Management Software, companies are managing properties and budgets while having :
<UL><LI>One place to go to get <B>real-time and historic information </B>for properties, work orders status & tenants
<LI>Central repository for <B>preventive and ongoing maintenance</B>
<LI>Specialty reporting for <B>measuring performance</B> of your team
<LI><B>Tenant Portal</B> to help differentiate your service offering
<LI>Access from anywhere at any time including via <B>mobile access</B>
<LI><B>Legendary security</B> across multiple portfolios

Building Engineers, Operations Teams and Facility Managers are motivated to use OnCite™ because of its intuitive nature and daily work process facilitation while Financial Analysts, Budget Forecasters, Facility Directors & Executives reap the rewards in terms of comprehensive collected data for analysis, planning, and major decision-making. Productivity also goes up as this solid workflow solution eliminates duplication of effort and automates otherwise manual and tedious processes.
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