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Online Surveys
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Online Surveys | OnCite™
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OnCite™ Surveys facilitates the creation and tracking of fully customizable web surveys.
<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER cellpadding=5 width=100%><TR><TD Valign=top class=bodytext width=60%><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:336633">OnCite&#8482 Surveys</FONT><BR>
Do you want to solicit feedback from your tenants on the services you provide for them? Do you believe that the occasional, well-timed survey could give you information you need to gauge the current satisfaction of your tenants, make needed improvements and ultimately earn their loyalty? OnCite&#8482 Surveys facilitates the creation and tracking of <b>fully customizable web surveys.</b> Email the survey to all tenants, tenants in a particular property or schedule surveys to be delivered to tenants after they've requested a certain number of work orders. And when your tenants complete a survey, all of their results are automatically captured and stored in one place, real-time. Review history, track your improvements and report to tenants on how their input resulted in positive changes. Request a demo to learn more.<BR><BR>
<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=Headers style="border-right:solid 1px black;border-left:solid 1px black">Benefits</TD></TABLE> <UL><LI><B>Tenant Satisfaction</B> - How often do you get feedback from your tenants as to their level of satisfaction? Knowing the key concerns and issues that your tenants have allows for you and your team to change procedures or improve in certain areas. Without this detailed feedback changes made are just ones that you are guessing are an issue. <BR><BR>
<LI><B>Hate peforming surveys?</B> - Do you groan when someone mentions performing a survey? Do images of rekeying handwritten surveys come to mind? OnCite&#8482 atuomates this process and makes it easy to use. Enter in one Survey format and reuse as many times as possible. Allow the system to do the invitations, the response reporting and more. The system even alerts key team members when a tenant survey results in a poor score. <BR><BR>
<LI><B>What to do with Survey results</B> - You have all of these wonderful results, but what now? OnCite&#8482 provides a tool for generating Work Orders or simple follow-ups based upon the response from the Tenant. You can create Projects, schedule an inspection and more. Don't just perform the survey, use the results to improve your business!<BR><BR>

<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=HeaderSelect>Features</TD></TABLE><UL><LI><B>Survey Profile</B> – Create and update Surveys targeting specific Tenants or events. Choose from several color scheme options. Tailor Survey questions to meet various needs, including rating systems, multiple choice, multiple choice with comments, or essay style.
<LI><B>Invitation Profile</B> – Specify which Survey to use for a property and customize the text for the invitation email. Use links from the Leasing system to define the tenants to be included, and track the status of each invitee. Improve responsiveness to tenant dissatisfaction by implementing automatic staff notification when responses fail to meet established criteria.
<LI><B>Property Work Order Survey Profile</B> – Tie Surveys to Work Order completion at designated properties, and automate their distribution.
<LI><B>Survey Results Manager </B>– Create Work Orders, Projects and follow-ups based upon Survey results.
<LI><B>Report Manager</B> – Generate reports on Survey results, follow-ups and Invitation Profiles.
</TD><TD VALIGN=top class=yellow><BR><CENTER><A HREF="javascript:doNothing()" onClick="window.open('/DFSWebSite.nsf/ShowPic?OpenAgent&SurveyProfileLrg.jpg' , '_blank' , 'height=650,width=1000')";><IMG SRC="SurveyProfile.jpg" style="border:solid 1px black" width=300></A><BR>
<BR><A HREF="javascript:doNothing()" onClick="window.open('/DFSWebSite.nsf/ShowPic?OpenAgent&SurveyInviteLrg.jpg' , '_blank' , 'height=650,width=1000')";><IMG SRC="SurveyInvite.jpg" style="border:solid 1px black" width=300><BR>