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Property Information Management
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Property Information Management
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Property Information Management | OnCite™
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Property Information Management, Planning, Incident Tracking
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OnCite™ provides an Incident tracking system that uses company-wide categorizations for summary reporting across portfolios.
<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER cellpadding=5 width=100%><TR><TD Valign=top class=bodytext width=60%><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:336633">OnCite&#8482 Property Information Management</FONT><BR>
Do you have a large portfolio of properties and no great way to track all of the details about each one in one place and in real-time? Is your property data spread among people, files, spreadsheets and different systems? Do you have to be physically in the office to find information about your properties? Would it be helpful if your property management software could relate <i>everything</i> in the system back to a property, including all accounting and financial details? Would you like to be able to capture all of your property details including photos, equipment, area calculation figures (rentable square feet), detailed description, amenities, construction design, parking capacity, environmental issues, contacts, and strategy? If you're answering yes to some of these questions, request a demo and let's explore whether or not OnCite&#8482 might be a good fit for you.<BR><BR>

<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=Headers style="border-right:solid 1px black;border-left:solid 1px black">Benefits</TD></TABLE>
<UL><LI><B>Planning</B> - Do you know what your 5 year Business Plan is? What are the critical issues for your properties? This information can be easily updated and reported on using the OnCite&#8482 Property Information Management system. You can enter and track a leasing plan, customer plan, and physical plan for the current and next 4 years. <BR><BR>
<LI><B>Incident Tracking</B> - Tracking incidents including Power Outages, burglary, vehicular accidents and more can be painstaking. Locating information about all incidents for multiple properties for comparison reporting is almost impossible. OnCite&#8482 provides an Incident tracking system that uses company-wide categorizations for summary reporting across portfolios.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Portfolios and Groups</B> - Most companies have portfolio's of properties but then also need a separate way to group their properties together. OnCite&#8482 provides a portfolio management tool and a group management tool. Users can filters reports by a portfolio, a group or both. Whether it's a portfolio or a group, managing them is normally a headache. The Management tools provided makes moving properties from one portfolio to another easy and fast. <BR><BR>

<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=HeaderSelect>Features</TD></TABLE><UL><LI><B>Portfolio Manager</B> – Easily manage, modify, and reorganize properties and their associated portfolios, regions, or managers with this powerful feature. <BR><BR>
<LI><B>Group Manager</B> – Easily manage, modify, and reorganize properties into a property group with this tool. Group Names are then used for reporting.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Incident Report Management</B> - Track all incidents by date, category, individuals involved, time of occurrence, etc. Reduce liability by improving both documentation and response. Auto-notify Security or Risk Management teams as desired. <BR><BR>
<LI><B>Report Manager</B> – Generate reports on Incident Notifications, Sticky Notes and General Property Information. Also generate snapshot reports on selected properties including Work Order summaries, A/R summaries and A/P summaries. <BR><BR>
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