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Inspections Management
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Inspections Management
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Inspections Management | OnCite™
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Access OnCite™ Inspections from your iPad, Android phone, BlackBerry or other smartphone to complete your custom property inspections and all of the associated inspection work orders.
<TABLE ALIGN=CENTER cellpadding=5 width=100%><TR><TD Valign=top class=bodytext width=60%><font style="font-family:Calibri;font-weight:bold;font-size:22;color:336633">OnCite&#8482 Inspections Management</FONT><BR>
If you are using paper forms to capture detailed inspection information on your properties OR are trying to use either a work orders system or a preventive maintenance system for property inspections, we might be able to help.
<p>Access OnCite&#8482 Inspections from your <b>iPad, Android phone, BlackBerry or other smartphone</b> to complete your <b>custom property inspections</b> and all of the associated <b>inspection work orders</b>.
<p>Create unlimited Inspection Templates and set your ranking and score options for each type of inspection. Assign and dispatch inspections to your inspectors who then capture inspection data right into your system as they walk through the property.
<p>Never re-enter inspection data into a spreadsheet or another system. Save time and reduce liability by <b>expediting inspection-related Work Orders, </b> even dispatching them <i> during the inspection.</i> Run <b>custom reports</b> that meet your unique business needs and keep all historical data for future reference.

<TABLE width=100%><TR><TD class=HeaderSelect>Features</TD></TABLE><UL><LI><B>Checklists</B> – Use customized online Checklists to help gather precise information quickly and accurately during building inspections. Construct customized Checklist Templates that can be adjusted as necessary and reused to meet multiple requirements.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Wireless Integration</B> - Complete Inspection Checklists while “in the field” using Tablet PC, or an iPad. And with OnCite&#8482's OCC (Occasionally Connected Computing) technology, spotty (or in some cases, nonexistent) wireless reception presents no problem.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Work Order Integration</B> – Generate work orders based on inspection results compared to client-specific parameters. Use optional features to automatically notify Suppliers and/or building staff of newly-entered Work Orders.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Schedule Recurring Inspections</B> – Help improve compliance and efficiency by scheduling Inspections on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Use optional features to automatically advise inspectors of imminent or past due inspections.<BR><BR>
<LI><B>Report Manager </B>– Generate reports for Inspection results, Inspector performance, and scheduled Inspections.<BR><BR>
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